Success Story: A Letter from Camp He Ho Ha

Dear Jill:

I have to tell you that the 2014 funding allocation presentation hosted on Friday, May 7th was amazing. The venue was so comfortable, breakfast was delicious, the formal program very inspiring, the speaker so entertaining and enlightening, and you did an incredible job hosting the event, Jill.

It is so impressive that the REALTORS® Community Foundation has returned $3.5 million to Edmonton and area charities since 1968! I really believe this is your favorite day of the year just knowing that the support of the REALTORS® Community Foundation makes a remarkable difference for the smaller organizations like Camp Health, Hope & Happiness!

How much do I appreciate the generosity of the REALTORS® Community Foundation. More than words can express! Camp is not Government funded, and we do not receive any funding from the United Way. As a result, Camp raises its funding one dollar at a time. Every donation regardless of how large or small is vital to Camp's success in providing adapted recreational programs to children and adults whit special needs.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Camp Health, Hope & Happiness, I extend sincere appreciation to the REALTORS® Community Foundation and the generous REALTORS® who support it for their ongoing encouragement support and generosity. It means the world to Camp and people with special needs!

The generous $10,000.00 donation from the REALTORS® Community Foundation is like winning a lottery! Finally, our pool floor can be replaced... THANK YOU for making this possible! The swimming pool is one of the favorite activities of our campers; they love it!

Kindness matters! It is longed for and lived for. The mighty accomplishments and prize-worthy achievements of the past may be chiseled in stone, but it is the quiet and lovely acts of kindness that are written on our heart.

Your generous donation is a wonderful act of kindness. What does your kindness mean for children and adults with every type and degree of disability who attend Camp He Ho Ha? It means being in a safe and supportive environment enabling them to reach their full potential and participate in activities they have always dreamed of. It means making new friendships. It means freedom and independence. It means that feeling of pride when they have completed that beautiful arts and crafts project. It means experiencing that wonderful feeling free of judgement, and just being accepted and loved for who they are. For the parents and caregivers, it means a much-needed "break" that provides them with the strength and resilience they need to meet the unique challenges they face. "Thank You!" This act of kindness is written on the hearts of so many who benefit from your generosity.

To crystalize the importance of your generosity for not only campers, but also the parents and caregivers, allow me share a testimonial from a mother of a child who attends Camp.

We value the very generous donation of $10,000.00 from the REALTORS® Community Foundation and the REALTORS® who support it. We are grateful for your ongoing generosity, encouragement and support of people with special needs. We are grateful that you are holding high the torch for people with disabilities and for your multitude of kindness that has enabled people with special needs to live THE GOOD LIFE at Camp.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,

Joan Nielsen, Executive Director

"I don't know what my daughter would do without Camp He Ho Ha. She is very, very happy there. She looks forward to coming back to Camp every year. We look forward to her coming back to Camp. We know that it's a safe place for her to be. I feel that the rest of the family can take a holiday and not worry that she is cared for." Mother of Camp He Ho Ha Attendee