Success Story: A SAGE Personal Story

A lady in her 60’s was admitted to the SAGE Seniors’ Safe House as a result of a referral from the Elder Abuse Intervention Team. She was living with her daughter and two granddaughters. While living with them, she allegedly experienced verbal abuse (name calling and yelling), physical abuse (spitting on her, hitting her on the back and locking her in a room for hours). She also suffered financial abuse when her bank card was taken and her account drained.

During her stay at the Safe House, she accessed help from the SAGE Housing Services, St. Vincent de Paul / furniture, Sealy Bed programs and the Leaving Family Violence funding. Safe House Staff provided emotional support and assisted with finding housing and additional financial benefits to enable her move.

Since leaving the Safe House, she is living independently in her own apartment and attends the weekly lunch support group that takes place at the Safe House.

"I have opened up to be a new person, like I used to be, thanks to your help and comfort. I've realized that there is help for seniors like me who have been wrongfully abused, that it is ok to get help and that it is not my fault. When I came to SAGE, I was embarrassed to think that at my age I needed help in such a situation, but the respect and comfort I felt from the staff made me feel safe and welcomed!"