Success Story: An Addiction Recovery Story

In looking back, it is very unfortunate how many years it took me to become a resident of Our House (Edmonton) Ltd. My first attempt at recovery started in 1998 where I attended the 30 day AADAC program at Henwood. It was there I attended my first AA meeting, and introduced to the 12 steps. I left Henwood and managed to stay sober six months. During this time I did attend a few meetings and made the assumption this would keep me clean and sober. I still had no clue how to ‘get a sponsor’ or a ‘home group’ and the importance that both represent.

My next attempt at treatment was in 2000. My doctor suggested the AADAC Northern Addictions Centre at Grand Prairie, AB. This was to be a more intense 30 day program of recovery. Again, I did manage to put certain periods of time together to maintain periods of sobriety, five months being the longest but I just could not seem to put any length of time together maintaining my sobriety. My social skills suffered, my finances were in disarray, my own emotional well being was in question, I was one sick individual. I lacked self esteem, spirituality and hope. I had no direction and my own self worth was questionable.

What brought me to Our House were two events, the first being the realization that thirty day programs didn’t stop my using, the second was through the intervention by a friend, who was a resident of Our House. He told me of a program which was long term, offered care and concern, had daily group sessions and a strong commitment to the addiction program. And the insistence to work the 12 steps to the best of one’s ability.

Our House provided me with better knowledge as to the amount of work required to do the steps. Upon my arrival at Our House the staff and counselors gave me a welcome I didn’t have for a long time. They were, for a time, my backbone and provided me with emotional support and direction.

My undertaking was to adhere to a schedule of daily events and this brought back a feeling of responsibility. To me these were very small steps in my return to responsibility and self worth, even making my bed after a time was rewarding. Modules consisted of budgeting, communication, stress management, leisure activities, relaxation and many others. You have to recognize that I needed to learn common God given talents all over again. I personally enjoyed the self esteem module and the “Life Skills” seminar.

Our House restored my hope, my own self worth and a connection to spirituality. I now have an acute awareness of the 12 step program, the importance of a sponsor, the need to attend meetings on a regular basis and the gift of knowing myself. All of these will provide me with a life of fulfillment and, for that; I owe Our House a huge “Thank You”. Our House has renewed my zest for life and loving all.