Success Story: Bike Nites & Ride for KIDS

One of the charities we support with Bike Nites and Ride for KIDS is the Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS). It’s an amazing organization that gives youth at risk a chance. Their vision is to be a well respected and compassionate service provider for youth at risk. They strive to be an organization that youth will want to utilize, people want to work for and the community wants to support. We think that they are well on their way to being that type of organization.

The Youth Empowerment & Support Services’ goals are to provide opportunities for youth and families to become confident and self reliant, advocate on behalf of youth and families, and to be accountable to the community by offering effective programs and evaluating outcomes on a regular basis.

YESS believes that every person deserves to be treated with respect for his or her inherent self worth and dignity and the most effective way of helping others is to help them learn to help themselves. They recognize that young people have the right to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually to their fullest potential and, with encouragement and support, the right to determine the direction of such development.