Success Story: Chantelle Willier's Story

Chantelle Willier had an unsettled childhood and was 15 when she got pregnant.

She left her home on the Sucker Creek reserve and moved to Edmonton in search of a new life. Chantelle connected with Terra towards the end of her pregnancy and received valuable support and information on parenting.

Her beautiful son Gregory was born in 2006 and Chantelle says his arrival motivated her return to school. She enrolled at Braemar, an Edmonton Public School who partners with Terra and placed Gregory in the on site Terra Childcare Centre. The staff at the Centre provided excellent advice and care for Gregory and having him on site made it easier for Chantelle to focus on her studies.

Chantelle joined the Terra Culture Group to learn more about her Aboriginal roots and discovered a talent for Aboriginal dance and painting. Chantelle also joined the Youth Leadership Program where teen parents gain confidence and develop leadership skills. As a youth leadership ambassador, Chantelle shared her story at Terra and community events. For the last two years Chantelle has lived at Hope Terrace, a safe, affordable 13 suite apartment building for Terra clients and their children. She appreciates the space and privacy the apartment provides for her and Gregory.

Chantelle is currently enrolled in the Native Studies program at the University of Alberta and hopes for a career with Indian/Northern Affairs on completion of her four year degree. She also wants to pursue her passion for art. This inspiring, successful young woman is an excellent mom to Gregory and a positive role model for other teen parents!

"I would like to share with the community…teen parents are trying to make the best out of something we didn’t expect to happen so soon. We want what every parent wants, the best for our children. Terra helps us do just that!" Chantelle Willier