Success Story: ISTAR's FAST Fund Bursary Program

Dear Jill & Members of the REALTORS® Community Foundation,

Thank you for your recent donation of $5,000 to ISTAR’s FAST Fund Bursary program!

Your support of ISTAR has real and significant impact. ISTAR has a long tradition of fulfilling its vision and mandate. Our four pillars are to provide excellent and effective treatment to those who stutter, educate the general public about our cause and let them now that help is available, train speech-language pathologists to deliver outstanding stuttering therapy and to do research into the disorder of stuttering and its treatment. With your help, we can continue to live our mission. The ripple effect of communicating their basic needs and wants, free their voices and transform their lives.

You have made many children smile with your gift. Like Kubilay, they want to thank you for the precious opportunity you have afforded them.

Thank you for being a friend to ISTAR. Your gift is helping us create a legacy of freed voices and transformed lives.


Deryk S. Beal, Executive Director