Success Story: Terra Annual Fundraising Breakfast

On Thursday, April 21, 2011, the Foundation the Terra – Centre for Pregnant & Parenting Teens yearly fundraising breakfast.

We listened as a young girl spoke about her challenging upbringing which resulted in her getting pregnant at age 16. We heard from a young boy who’d had a troubled home life and found himself facing becoming a father at age 17. Heartbreaking stories however the good part was hearing how Terra helped these kids turn their lives around. It was inspiring to hear how Terra worked with the young Dad to help him turn his life around and learn how to be a good parent and it was inspiring to hear how Terra helped the young girl who is graduating in June and planning on attending Grant MacEwan University in the fall.

The message at this breakfast was simply that kids who find themselves needing outside supports found Terra and as a result they were given a hand up during a challenging time in their life.

Please help support YOUR REALTORS® Community Foundation so we can continue to support charities such as Terra. Let’s ensure we give kids who need a chance in life, that chance. Terra wants to ensure young men, as well as young girls who find themselves alone and facing bringing a child into their life when they are still just kids themselves the break they so often need.