Success Story: Trisha's Story

To children and youth, a home is more than a place to lie down to sleep. It is refuge from the proverbial storm; it’s stable and secure and calming; a neutral zone where they can recharge themselves for the uncertain challenges of the next school day.

Trisha is 17 and in grade 11. She moved into her Habitat home this past August, and with the move came changes: a new neighbourhood, a new school, but also a new sense of home. She now has room to spread her wings.

“I have a lot more room,” says Trisha, “I used to share a room with my two sisters, but now I have my own room – the basement to myself.” No doubt the basement will be filled with music as Trisha plays her guitar and hones her song writing skills, two hobbies she enjoys immensely. She even wrote a song about what home means to her and performed it with her sister Chaviz during her home dedication ceremony in Sherwood Park. Trisha says, “Home means being closer to my family; being closer to each other. It means I always have a place to go to be safe. Whatever happens at school I have a safe place at home.”

When asked if she could just say one thing to all the people who helped them build her home, her reply was, “Just one thing?” She thanks all the volunteers and donors so much for giving their time and effort to help her family build their home. Because of all the dedicated Habitat supporters, Trisha will continue to sing “there’s nothing else like home.”