Charity Application Guidelines

The REALTORS® Community Foundation unites REALTORS® with our communities to help fund and support local charities that address homelessness, shelter, hunger, crime prevention and other needs in Edmonton and area because We Care about our neighbours and our profession.

Please scroll down to the Application Procedures section and click on the online grant application form.

Application Guidelines - Funding Requests


August 30, 1986

Source Of Funds

Funds donated by individuals and corporations, bequests and bequeaths, and fundraising projects.

Geographic Scope

Edmonton and surrounding area.


The Foundation's funds are allocated to the following areas of interest and by the percentage indicated.

  • Shelter 
  • Crime Prevention 
  • Hunger
  • Special Projects

What Is Not Funded

  • Partisan political purposes
  • Direct religious purposes
  • Deficit funding
  • Travel and conferences
  • Endowment grants

Application Procedures

Electronically via our online Grant Application Form or to our office. Please refrain from using special covers, bindings and videos.

What To Include

Each application must include:

  • Application Form
  • Annual Report
  • Copy of most recent audited financial statements (consolidated)
  • Total revenue and expense budget for current year
  • List of Organization's Governing Board and persons directly involved in the project
  • Photocopy of void donation receipt or letter assigning CRA registration number
  • Description of the project for which the grant is requested
  • Budget for Project
  • 3 (Three) Quotes for Project (i.e. furniture, painting, maintenance work)

Application Deadline

November 30, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.


Anika Gee
Executive Director

The REALTORS® Community Foundation has a good working relationship with the following Companies:

  • Dave Reid
    Action Flooring & Design Abilities
    9249 – 50 Street
    Edmonton, AB T6B 3B6
    780-468-4118 (Bus)
    780-818-7315 (Cell)
  • Ward Henkel
    (Furnaces & Air Conditioning)
    Efficient Energy Solutions Inc.
    51113 – RR265
    Spruce Grove, AB T7Y 1E8
  • Wes Marko
    (Appliances & Mattresses)
    The Brick LP
    Corporate Sales Division
    1920 – 99 Street South Common
    Edmonton, AB T6K 1K9
    780-430-5152 (B8s)
    780-906-9801 (Cell)
  • Joe Theriault
    Workhorse Renovations Inc.
    3247 – 26 Street
    Edmonton, AB T6T 1Z3