Grant Report

Grant recipients must submit a report upon completion of the project that demonstrates that grant funds were spent on the activities described in the application. Reports must be completed before applying for another grant.

Download the Grant Report PDF

To Include With Your Grant Report

  • A complete and accurate financial report, showing project expenditures and use of grant funds.
  • A description of the results of the project, with an evaluation of its success in relation to the original objects as stated in the application and/or project description.
  • A copy of the work produced (ie: attach pictures of new couches or furnaces, etc.) and/or if funds were for operation dollars, a written description of how the funds were used and people/clients affected.
  • A copy of any promotional materials in which the REALTORS® Community Foundation support is acknowledged (ie: website, annual report, etc.).
  • Any reviews or publications in which the project is mentioned.