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Doing Our Part

Doing our part for E4C school lunch program making sandwiches. Thanks! Shelley Littlefair, Melody Kilbank, and Jeneen Marchant!

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Changing World of Not-for-Profit by Nathan Mison

As Alberta’s economy and government mandates change so does the world of non-profits.  Non-profits now do much more with far less and continue to struggle with the ever-changing face of government policy.  For most this is the root of their core funding. While the federal and provincial governments remove programming from their mandates and reduce funding, how do non-profits survive?...

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Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence from the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC). “Excellence awarded to REALTORS® Community Foundation in grateful appreciation and distinguished recognition of your hard work, devotion and commitment to excellence.

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On March 13, 2015, the REALTORS® Community Foundation spend an emotional morning giving cheques to 52 deserving grassroots community organizations in the Edmonton area. The REALTORS® Big Give event has become an exciting tradition for charities and REALTORS® alike. "This is my favourite day of the year" explains REALTORS® Community Foundation Director Jill Didow. "some of these smaller organizations really...

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How We Give - featuring Megan & Allison

At what ages does a person formulate the desire to volunteer, to give back? Something sparked in Megan, at age 7, when she heard about giving back to the community on a TV show this summer. It’s a trait that’s an important thread in her parents’ lives, as Glenn and Angie Ewanchuk are both realtors and Glenn is the President...

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Next Generation of Philanthropists

REALTORS® Community Foundation Governor Troy with his children Jaxson and Emma proudly display their birthday money that they donated to E4C’s School Lunch program.  Thank you Troy for teaching your children the beauty of helping those in need!  

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